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Best Solutions to Root Samsung Note 4 on Android 6.0.1

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Samsung galaxy note 4 is one of the most popular phablets to root. Although it is a excellence device on its own, but rooting can drive it into another level. Today let’s get to know about how to root note 4 with the best ways.

Part 1: Before Rooting Samsung Note 4 on Marshmallow
Part 2: One Click to Root Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1 with Android Root
Part 3: How to Root Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1 with CF Auto Root
Part 4: Things You Can Do after Rooting Samsung Note 4

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Part 1: Before Rooting Samsung Note 4 on Marshmallow

There are several important things that need you to do before rooting note 4. Let’s go ahead and see.

Backup Samsung Note 4
Since there are many precious files stored in your phone, you may not want to take any risks to losing them during the rooting process. So it is necessary to do backup to your Samsung phone.

Install required drivers
You are also recommended to install the required drivers for galaxy note 4 to your PC, which might be required to connect and root the device. 

Enable USB Debugging on Samsung 
Enable USB debugging on your Samsung note 4, since you need to connect it to PC when beginning the rooting process.

Keep Enough Battery Level 
To make sure that your note 4 rooting process will not stopped because of the draining out battery. You’s better to keep the battery level up to 80% before starting. It is also a useful advice to avoid getting a bricked Samsung phone when rooting.

So above are the tips that for you to do before rooting Samsung galaxy note 4. Now let’s learn about how to root note 4 on Android 6.0.1.

Part 2: One Click to Root Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1 with Android Root

With Android Root, you can root Samsung galaxy note 4 on Android Marshmallow safely and easily. Just a few simple steps, you can finish the rooting. Even though you know little about rooting.

Welcome to download free trail version for trying!

Android root for note 4

Step 1: Connect Note 4 to the Computer

After the downloading and installation of Android Root, double click to launch it. And then you will get the primary interface as below. Choose the “Root” option and go on.
root note 4

Now, link the Samsung device to the computer with a USB cable. If you have done the USB debugging enabled, just skip this step. If you haven’t, you can tap “OK” on a pop up message to enable USB debugging.  The software will automatically detect the connected device.
how to root note 4

Step 2: Detect Samsung Note 4 with Android Root

The Samsung phone will be automatically detected by Android Root program. Just click on “Start” on the interface after the well connection. 
root samsung galaxy note 4

Step 3: Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4

After finishing the detection, it is time to root note 4. So, click on “Root Now” to start rooting as shown in the below picture.
root note 4 verizon

After clicking the “Root Now” button, you will get a message to confirm the rooting process on your phone. Choose “Continue” if you don’t change your mind. It will take several minutes to complete the note 4 root, please be patient and wait.
samsung galaxy note 4 root

The phone is now successfully rooted.

Part 3: How to Root Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1 with CF Auto Root

If you want to see other rooting note 4 method, then CF Auto Root is another rooting method we will show you. There are several steps will be need if you choose this way. Now let’s go on and see how it works.

1. Download and install the latest Samsung USB drivers on your computer. 
2. Download CF-Auto-Root zip and unzip.

3. You will find two files, CF-Auto-Root and the other one being ODIN.exe in the folder unzip files. See the image as below.

root note 4 software

4.Disconnect the Galaxy Note 4 from the computer if the phone is connected and open ODIN by double clicking the Odin-v3.07.exe file.
5. Enter download mode in Samsung Note 4 phone. You can turn the phone off and hold volume down, power button and home at the same time to boot.

6. Now connect you Note 4 to PC and that’s when you will find an “Added” message on the Odin window at the bottom left. The Odin screen will look as below.

CF Auto Root

7. For now click the “PDA” button present on the Odin screen, and check CF-Auto-Root- ….tar.md5 file. Ensure that Re-Partition button is not checked on the screen as shown below.

CF Auto Root note 4

8.Now, move to clicking the button of “Start”, and begin flashing CF-Auto-Root on Samsung galaxy Note 4 phone. It will take a few minutes to complete the whole process.

After few minutes, and finish the process, you will find a “PASS” or “RESET” message and the Samsung phone will reboot into recovery. After that the phone will be rooted and again restart automatically. That’s it. It is done now and you have successfully rooted your device now.

CF Auto Root samsung galaxy note 4

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Part 4: Things You Can Do after Rooting Samsung Note 4   

After rooting galaxy note 4, the first thing for Samsung users is to delete the annoying bloatware of Samsung device,and they will delete all of the unwanted apps, which Samsung thinks you’ll like but you haven’t open them for once. Then they may turn to install ClockworkMod Recovery, which for replacing the stock recovery console with a superior console. Install a lovely Samsung note 4 custom ROM, such as CyanogenMod and replace TouchWiz. For battery saving, they will choose to install apps like Grenify to boost battery life higher. Actually you can do more than the above, and turn your note 4 into a brand new Android device. Is it that cool?

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