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Safely Root Samsung Galaxy S3 with Single Click

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How to root Samsung galaxy s3(GT-I9300)? Many galaxy s3 users asked this question. Since rooting galaxy s3 can add many fancy things to it, including custom ROMs, download apps which not offered by Google play, make operating system and so on. They need these rooting advantages to inject a new life to their old friend. 

However, rooting galaxy s3 also comes with the safety risks, so it is necessary to know about the risks, and get ready before Samsung galaxy s3 root.

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Important Things You Should Know before Root Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Backup your Samsung S3 
It is necessary to back up your Samsung before rooting to prevent the data from loss during the Samsung galaxy s3 rooting process. You can click to know backup Samsung to PC.

2. Get battery up to 85%
Please fully charge your Samsung Galaxy S3 to avoid the draining the battery while rooting it.

3.Choosing the suitable method
It is also very critical to choose a reliable Samsung s3 rooting tool, easy to read tutorial before you start the rooting process. We advice you to choose a safe and easy to use software. You can try Android Root actually.

4. Disable Firewall and Antivirus
Disable the antivirus or firewall on your PC before rooting because Some antivirus or firewall setup might interfere with your rooting process.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android Root?

The Samsung S3 rooting tool-Android Root, is a professional software which offers you the most convenient and most fastest way to root your Samsung phone. Compatible with over 7000 Android devices, 100% safe and secure and highest success rate. You can even try the free version by click the icons below before get the full version.

galaxy s3 root software  samsung s3 root tool for mac

Step 1: Download and Install Galaxy S3 Root Tool Software on your PC 

After downloading and installation, launch it. Choose “More Tools” on the left column to click, and click the Android Root from the interface shown.
how to root galaxy s3

Step 2: Connect Samsung Galaxy S3 to PC

With a proper USB cable, you can link your S3 mobile to PC. It is essential to check if USB debugging mode is enabled. To enable USB debugging, you should going to “Developer Options”. But if it is already done, Android Root will recognize and connect the Android automatically.
root samsung galaxy s3

When your Samsung S3 is connected to the computer, Android Rooting tool will detect the android device automatically and find a solution to root your device. Just click on the “Start “ button to go on.

Step 3: Start Rooting Samsung Galaxy S3

When Samsung S3 is finished the detection, your Samsung is ready for rooting. Click on “Root Now” button to root your it immediately just one click.
root galaxy s3

During this process of rooting, the android device will give a pop up message to confirm whether you would like proceed with the process of rooting. Click on confirm and it’s done. The tool will take few minutes before it completes the process of rooting.

After reading the tutorial above, you must know how to root a Samsung galaxy s3. If you still have questions about rooting, you can contact us via Email which shows on the beginning of this post. We will help you to solve it. Come and have a try!

In the video, you can also see another method to root Samsung s3. If your s3 runs Android 4.3/4.2.2, you can have a try the free way showed as below.

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