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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S5 Safely with One Click?

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The amazing mobile phone Samsung galaxy s5 is a lovable set to many Android lovers. Since its solid reasons to be popular with this model as it has full of features. Rooting Samsung galaxy s5 can boost your user experience even further. So it is necessary for you to know about how to root Samsung galaxy S5. Keep reading the post and you will know about it.

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3 Steps to Root your Galaxy S5 in A Few Minutes

You will need three steps: Connect Device→Identify Device→Root

Things you need before rooting: Android Device, USB Cable, Enough battery power, A computer

steps to root your android

Great Reasons to Have your Galaxy S5 Rooted

Getting root access on Android just like running Windows as an administrator. You can fully access the system directory and change the operating mode of the OS.If you  were trouble with useless bloatware, just remove it after rooting. And you can install the root-only apps which you expected before. Extending Samsung S5's battery life by install apps like Juice Defender. To speed up your S5 phone, you can uninstall TouchWiz and use a smooth and fast custom ROM as a replacement! And so on.

What Should You Know before Rooting Galaxy S5?

Rooting your Galaxy S5 will voids its manufacturer warranty, so think before you root your phone.
You’ll need a windows based PC.
Before Rooting, make sure you’ve installed USB drivers on your PC.
From Settings enable USB debugging. Don’t know? Learn Here
Make sure that you’ve got good enough battery charge on your phone, at least 50% is recommended.

Last but not the least proceed at your own risk.

How to Root Galaxy S5 with One Click?

Free trail version of Android Root is offered, you can click the icons below and have a try.
android root for win    android root for mac

Step 1. Download and install the rooting tool to your PC, then start it, you will get the primary interface as below. Choose the Root option.
download samsung s5 rooting tool

Step 2. Plug your Samsung galaxy s5 to PC via proper USB cable. Your Android device will be recognized by this galaxy rooting tool automatically.
connect galaxy s5 to pc

Click “Start” to go on and your device will be detected by Android Root.
detect the phone by android root

Step 3: After the successfully detection by Android Root, now is OK to root. Tap “Root Now” button and it will root your Samsung s5. 

root samsung galaxy s5

Just wait for a few minutes and your device will be successfully rooted.
finish the rooting process

Well down. You have rooted a galaxy s5 device. Now you can simply unleash its power and make the most out of it.

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In Conclusion
See, this rooting is quite easy. You can manage it even though you know technical less. But it contain risks as well. If you don’t do root with the right way, you might lose your phone data or brick it. So you are highly recommended to do a backup to your galaxy s5. But in any case, with the charming features after rooting, it is completely worth the risks.

The awesome thing you will have after getting your S5 root is using your Samsung differently, like getting speed, quality, performance and unlimited options to explore. Even if you know nothing about Android System, rooting your galaxy s5 is a way to discover the secrets. 

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