Tips for contacts backup for android users

For Android Users like you may have this feelings.

Contacts on Android need to be managed and organized in a while.

Otherwise it would become mighty confusing, with missing, superfluous and duplicate contacts.

To tidy up your address book,you need to spend time on it.Here are some tips you can use to fight off this insurmountable mountain of contacts:
1.If you have google account you can manage your google contacts to
2.You can import the contacts from a CSV file and edit.

3.Group your contacts

If there is an easier way for you import all the lengthy contacts to your new Android Device,I would recommend you one of our RenewAndroid products,Android Management,which has a well loved function for mobile contacts.
It could be helping you on your data management: create or delete your file on one software.

Contact Management:
You can easily create,edit,merge,delete,duplicate to manage your android apps/contacts on it.

contacts management

Contacts Backup:
Startup Android Management,One Click to backup the contacts to your computer.

 Contacts Backup

Transfer & Sync Your Contacts:
It can also helps you transfer or sync your old contacts to your new phone.

4.Find&Merge Duplicates

Transfer & Sync Your Contacts

Click to know more: The-Way-to-Backup-and-Retrieve-Android-Data

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