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Using Google Photo to Backup Android and iOS Pictures/Videos

If your phone storage is 16GB, it must be not enough when you need to store more files. How can you do? Some tips might tell you to erase the useless data frequency. It did a method to get the space. But for me, I will suggest that backup Android and iOS pictures/videos with Google Photo. It is a good way to save more storage memory for the phone, and also easy to access the data. Or you can also get the help of Phone Transfer to backup data.

Backup Android with Google Photo

Step 1 Sign into Google Photo
Step 2 Open the Settings Page
Step 3 Turn on the Backup Feature
Step 4 Back up Device Folders

Step 1 Sign into Google Photo

Run Google Photo app on your phone. Connect your device to the Wi-Fi hotspot or turn on the mobile data. Then enter your email and password. A text message with your code has been sent to you. Input the code and complete the verification.
sign in google photo

Step 2 Open the Settings Page

Tap the hamburger icon (three-bar icon) at the upper-left corner of the screen. Then touch "Settings" to open the Settings page. Locate and select the option "Back up & sync". 

setting page

Step 3 Turn on the Backup Feature

In this page, you can activate the "Back up & sync" feature. Then you can choose an account to back up and sync.

on backup feature

Step 4 Back up Device Folders

Once the backup feature is turned on, your camera folder is automatically backed up. You can choose other folders to backup and view in the library. To do that, tap "Back up device folders" and select folders to back up, for example, All Videos, Photo Library, Screenshots, and pictures.

backup device

After reading above steps, have you got the way to backup the files on Google photo? You media files, including videos and photos, will be automatically detected and uploaded to Google Photo once they are added to the phone. Enjoy! Read more about Google Photo by click this post: 

How to delete and restore content in google photo
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