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Dont Need To Hammer Your Old Blackberry Like Hillary If You Use This

BlackBerry is said as the world's most trusted mobile security across all devices. Recently BlackBerry is seeking to extend its range of secure mobile devices by launcing a high-security tablet-Secu TABLET based on Samsung's Galaxy Tab S10.5.

The Sate Department employees are routinely cautioned about the use of mobile devices.Hillary Clinton's personalBlackBerry,which is used as secretary of the state, is likeyly less secure then the Sate Department-issued devices used by her staff and subordinate,according to a knowledgeable former officials and executives.When Clinton is traveling in foreign counries,the security risks is magnified. 

Phone Transfer solves Hilary's concern of blackberry phone

Use Phone Transfer without destroying your old phone like Hillary does

Some analysts from Vietnam claim that there’s a concern Chinese government hackers could pull information from the Vietnamese government-owned telecom.

The most important component for BlackBerry security is the BlackBerry Enterprise Server-a piece of “middleware” that encrypts email and securely connects other applications with the BlackBerry handset,which increases the security degree compared to the basic BlackBerry,which may also be bought by individuals or families.
The security of BlackBerry systems,depends on an essentially security measures which could be switched on or off.Unless the person knows the federal operations in details.

Phone Transfer is doing good for data erase

Our smartphones are privy to some of our most important secrets. Sensitive business emails, financial details, contact information.Data security issue is in big concern,so if you want to sell your old phone. Backup all your things and go to Factory Data Reset.Go to Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and then tap Reset phone or Reset device.Performing a factory reset is always a good idea, but it might not always be enough. 

Phone Transfer to erase your old phone data

However,with Phone Transfer,you will have no more worry about the data erase.This software is able to erase both existed data and the deleted ones permanently. And it would not be able to recovered after the deletion, so you will have no worries to give the phone away. And of course,remember to backup all the things before using Phone Transfer to do the factory reset process.

Phone Transfer to wipe up your old phone data

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