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Nurugo Microscope: Your Smallest 400x Microscope for Smartphone

Have you ever used magnifying glass for observing small things when you was young? Now you have no need to use magnifying glass, because smartphone will help you to do this! 

Recently, Nurugo, the company which providing users the mobile phone spare parts, releases its new product: Nurugo Microscope!

What is Nurugo Microscope?

nurugo pic

Nurugo Micro, a microscope for Smartphone, it is the smallest and lightest digital microscope with 400x magnification and high resolution.  With it, you can use your phone camera to see the small thing with 400 time the magnification. Check below picture. And take the photos with 400x magnification. Don’t forget to do data backup for the stored photos. 

400x magnification

We can see that this Nurugo Micro was designed as a rectangle shape. And it has back splint, which for installing to the phone. As the picture shows below, it won’t take too much space and it is very easy to carry. What’s more, you don’t need to charge it, just like a normal digital microscope. If you want to use it, just take out and install it on to your phone camera. Then you can start your wonderful taking photos trip with it.

Nurugo Micro

In Kickstarter, the crowfunding amount for this part is 157,090 dollars, which has overpass the target funds. And still, it has 10 days to get more funds. The price of this part is 39 dollars.You can buy it in May this Year.

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