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Polar Code Wins the Battle in 5G Short Codes, What Is that Mean to Huawei?

Nov. 21, 2016

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November. 17, 2016 at U.S. local time, after discussing 5G short codes in the 3GPP RAN1 conference, Chinese company Huawei succeed and Polar Code became the 5G’s control channel after big effort. Which means that Chinese communication manufacturers have more say to 5G network, and Chinese communication technology becomes more powerful.

But we should know that the Polar Code is just the eMBB scene coding for 5G control channel. What’s more, American LDPC code is used for ascending and descending short code for 5G, and also for the long code coding. Which means that China still has a distance when comparing to American on this 5G communication standards custom field.

Why Huawei makes so many efforts to promoted the Polar code as the 5G Standards? 

It is related to the sensitive topic, the necessary standard patent license. In brief, when getting  the SPE’s permit, the company will not show their patents to people for telling that they are the companies who have patents. But take part in the standard setting and lead the trend. People may think that this technology is belong to them.

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