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Android Recovery Tool: Stuck on Android System Recovery, How to Fix and Recover Data?

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Encounter the issue of stucking on Android system recovery to your Android phone or tablet, so that you can’t go on powering on them? You might get the screen picture as below. It is so annoy when facing this issue. But today you come to the right place. Keep reading this post, you will know why this issue happens, how can you repair Android system recovery 3e stuck on screen problem and how to recover lost data which cause by the fixing process.
android system recovery

Part 1: What is Android Recovery System?
Part 2: Why “Stuck on Android System recovery “ issue Happens?
Part 3: How to Fix Android System Recovery 3e?
Part 4: Data Recovery from Android once Losing Data During the Process

Part 1: What is Android System Recovery?

The Android system recovery is a feature on Android, which enable you to perform certain functions, like rebooting system, updating the software, doing factory reset, clearing the cache partition, doing hard reset etc. without having to access its settings or even power it on completely. In total, it is a very useful feature to your Android device when needed.

Part 2: Why “Stuck on Android System recovery “ issue Happens?

If your Android device is stuck in Android system recovery screen, the most probably reason is that a (or more) button for enter this feature is malfunctioning, being press down, or is defective... For example, if your smart phone is designed for using the Power key and Volume Down button to enter the Android system recovery screen, and the Volume Down button isn’t working properly which make the phone thinks it is being pressed in, for this situation, you press the power key for turning on Android phone, then you will get a Android system recovery screen instead of turning on the phone.

Further Reading:How to Enter Recovery Mode on Android?

Part 3: How to Fix Android System Recovery 3e Screen issue?

For the button issue, try to press down on the button for a few times to loose them up is they are stuck or press in, and get the buttons to a proper position. Once you have pressed download on the keys for a bit, turn to power the device on and to see if it will boot-up. Then turn to power the device off and then back on to ensure the booting up is all right now. If above steps failed, you can remove the battery, and put it back to phone again after a few minutes.

Note: Once successfully to power on your Android, do data backup to android  right now for protecting the files.

Still not Working?

If above tip isn’t work, and you might consider that it is hardware issue lead to this system recovery randomly. Advice you to check the physical and liquid damage, what’s more, to check if it cause by the software issue by tapping the “wipe data/factory reset” option on the recovery screen to reset your device, even though this possibility is small. But be careful of this tip, because all of your user data will be deleted with it. If all above have nothing to do with it, then turn to a professional person for fixing the phone or a store to replace a new one.

Part 4: Data Recovery from Android once Losing Data During the Process

During the fixing process of Android System recovery stuck on issue, if you got any wrongly operations which lead to data loss, or you have done the factory reset without backing up your data. Do not panic any way, because Renew Android Data Recovery can help you to recover lost data from most of situations. Like recover Android data from factory reset and wrongly deletion. You can recover the data like contacts, photos, call logs,videos and more. Here we go to see how it works. 

Video for recovery process

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