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What Is A TF Card? How Is It Different from a Micro SD Card

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Nowadays, Smart phone is not only for communication, but also for storing lots of things. Like photos, videos, important documents and more. To this feature, MEMORY CARD plays an important role on it. It is also called as an electronic storage device which for storing digital information. 

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When talking about memory card, TF card and Micro SD card will come to your mind, while about these two types of cards, many people may be confused. Since they are not sure whether they are the same or different. Today, we gonna to discuss about them and show their differences.

What is a TF Card?
What is a Micro SD card?
Main Differences between TF Card and Micro SD card
Some Questions and Answers

What is a TF Card?

TF Card is the abbreviation of TrashFlash Card, which was introduced by SanDisk company in 2004. This micro secure digital card with the size near to a fingernail was considered to be the world’s smallest memory card. You can use it in the devices including iPod, PDA, DigitalCamera, Smartphones.
TF card

What is a Micro SD card?   

microSD is the abbreviation Secure Digital. As a flash memory card, it is removable and designed to storing data on Smart phone or other mobile devices. Recently, it is also apply to some handheld GPS devices. 

microsd card

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Main Differences between TF Card and Micro SD card

From above, you can know both TF card and Micro SD card are memory card. Yes, we can almost tell that they are the same. Actually, they have the same specifications and dimensions. What’s more, both cards are completely compatible to each other. And in 2005, TransFlash was adapted by the SD Card Association. After that, TF card was renamed as MicroSD card. However, there are still some difference between them, let’s see.

1. micro SD cards can do non-memory jobs because it can can support SDIO mode. It can perform the non-memory jobs including Bluetooth, GPS and Near Field Communication. Which TransFlash cannot perform.

2.There is a switch on security segment in SD card but TransFlash has no this feature on it. 

3. The volume of SD card is comparatively more than TF card. The volume of TF card is 15 mm x 11 mm x 1mm and the volume of microSD card is 24 mm x 32mm x 2.1 mm.

4.Both TF card and microSD card can support storage capacity of 512MB, 256MB, 128MB,1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. But TF card can support 64 GB which microSD card can’t.

5. Memory Size Availability- TF Cards can go upto around 128GB whereas SD Cards can go upto 2 TB

Apart from above differences, TransFlash and microSD cards has no other main difference. When considering the price, both of the two cards are a little expensive than regular SD cards. So hope now the issue of difference between Micro SD memory card and TF memory card has been solved.
To Sum Up

With new day-to-day emerging technologies, many other memory card formats have replaced old SD cards, providing more efficient storage space to store your files and documents. Let’s expect and see.

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Some Questions and Answers   

Q: If my device spec list 'TF card memory supported'. Can I use microSD card on it?

R: Yes, you can buy microSD card and use it in that device. If it supports TF card, it also means to microSD card. But note that the microsdhc card and minisd card may not compatible. So, make sure you are buying a microSD.

Q: Yesterday, my sister told me that she got a TF card and today i found that was a bit large than SD card in my mobile, why?

R: Check if you SD card is the size of microSD one. Since the SD card including SD card, miniSD card and MicroSD card. Besides, consider that if she got an old one from 2005 AD.

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