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Fast Way to Hide Online Skype Status on Android

Normally, when you sign in Skype app, people will think naturally that you are Skype online and ready to chat. However sometimes it is not convenient to reply every message. Or there are some messages that you don’t want to reply. No worry, Skype has the function and allow you to hide the fact that you are online. Hiding online Skype status is a little trick which can help you to get rip of some situations. OK, below steps are for you to learn this method, go ahead and get it.

Step 1: Find the Skype app on Android Phone and sign in as usual.
Step 2: Head to the menu section, and tap the menu button.
Step 3: Find the “Available” on the Profile section. Switch the button that next to Available and turn off it. If you can see the button’s color turns gray, it marks that  you are successful to hide your Skype status.

Hide the status

This feature can be useful when you want to maintain a low profile on the service, or when you need to be concentrated and have no time to reply to other contacts. It’s a way to increase your privacy as well.

This Skype trick might stop some people from sending you messages thinking you’re offline, but it would still allow them to send you messages if they are not discouraged by your offline status.

See! This is really an easy trick which just need you to handle a few steps. Now you can appear offline to your contacts while still sending and receiving messages. If you want more solution to Android, click to learn more.

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