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How Can People View Your Private Facebook Profile without Your Permission

--Rachel Green January 5, 2018 | Follow FacebookTwitterGoogle+ to get more information.

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We’ve talk about how to know who visited your Facebook profiles, among the viewers, some even aren’t your friends. How did they do that? Today, we will show you several ways on how to view private facebook with out being friends. 

Part 1: How to view private Facebook pictures with Spyzie?
Part 2: How to See Facebook Private Photos with PictureMate
Part 3: How to View Private Facebook Profiles after Being Blocked?

Part 1: How to view private Facebook pictures with Spyzie?

In order to view private facebook profile, they need to get the help of some tool, Spyzie is one of them. This one is very powerful. With it, you can not only use it to see someone’s facebook profile or photos, but also other real-time activities. Like having their location, knowing their calls, photos, messages etc. and accessing to their social media activity. 

To know how to view/see someone’s private Facebook profiles without being detected, you can follow the steps as below:

1. Head to visit Spyzie’s official website and sign up for a new account. You can get its paid subscription to access its features.
create account
2. To complete the sign up, you need to offer and fill in the basic information of the target device,such as deive’s OS, owner’s name etc.
spyzie website
3. After that, on the target device, go to Setting, tap on Security and enable download from third-party sources feature.
how to view a private facebook
4.On the target device, launch a web browser to visit Spyzie’s website, and download its APK version.
view private facebook picures
5.After downloading, you will see the “Install” button, tap on it and follow the guide to finish the installation. 

6. Launch the app on the device and log-in by providing your credentials.

7. Note that you need to grant relevant permissions to the app and tap on the “Start Monitoring” button. Then you can delete the app icon, so that you can track this phone data without being known.
view private facebook profile 2017
8. That’s it! To access vital information related to the target device, visit Spyzie’s web-based dashboard.
view profile on dashboard
9. Though, before you track the social media activity on the target device, you need to turn on its “Feature Status”option.
feature status
10. From the left panel, select Social Apps > Facebook to gain a complete access to the target user’s Facebook account. This would include every kind of update and activity related to their Facebook account.

facebook profile

Part 2: How to See Facebook Private Photos with PictureMate 

When use this method, you need a chrome browser and chrome extension. PictureMate is a 
Extension which can add to chrome and help you to show the Facebook profile after install it. 
PictureMate finds the user’s Facebook ID via graph search, it will show all tagged photos. You can use it to see facebook locked photos.

Now learn how to use it.

1.Firstly, on Chrome browser and search for PictureMate, then click “ADD TO CHROME” button.

extension picturemate

2.After installation, turn to extension setting and enable PictureMateextension.
3.Now you can check if this extension works:
Go to Facebook friend profile(or not a friend) which you want to see the information.
Click on the PictureMate icon(after above install and setting, you will see it on the right top.)

You will see two option, choose the first one: VIEW PHOTOS WITH ADS

view locked photos
Now you can view private facebook picures with PictureMate smoothly. 
Note that not to click any ads while process just ignore all ads.

how to see private facebook wall 2017

Part 3: How to View Private Facebook Profiles after Being Blocked?

If someone block you on Facebook, to view its profile, you can follow steps
Below. But note that you can use this way only if you have known thr username of the profiles. Now see how to do it.

1. Firstly, log out of your Facebook Account.

2.Prepare the URL of the user whose Facebook profile you need to see, and put it to the address bar on browser for searching.

URL format
For example

3. Hit Enter, and you will see the Facebook profile of the person who has blocked you in front of your screen.

If the profile page shows successfully, it means that the owner of that profile has blocked you. If the profile won’t show up, it means the users may have deleted it.

After reading several above, you may have known the ways on how to view someones private facebook. You can use Spyzie tool to get the details, or use PictureMate to see locked photos, or just see the Facebook profile of someone who has blocked you. We show these ways just for sharing information, please take caution and let it be reasonable before using.

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