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What to Do if My LG G4 Won’t Turn on?

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“My LG G4 won’t turn on! It is very urgent and anyone can help me? Here’s the thing: I was playing the game on my g4 phone last night, suddenly it froze and shut down. I try to restart it for several time, I got one time to start successfully. The LG screen shows up and then it loops a bit before going dark, then the phone won't work again. so I put it on charging and it started charging, I left it like that overnight but when I woke up it was still dead.”

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If you also got the similar issue that LG G4 won't turn on or charge, you have come to the right place. We will show you the solutions to solve it and hope that you can enjoy your time with g4 phone. Here we go!

lg g4

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7 Useful Solutions to the Issue of  LG G4 Won’t Turn on

Solution 1: Exclude the Battery Issue

First, to check if it is the bad battery issue. Or maybe just because the battery have a unsufficient charge? You can connect your original charger to your LG g4, after a while, turn on your phone to see if it works. You can also use a new battery to replace the old one. 

Solution 2: To Solve LG G4 not Charging

If your LG G4 still not turn on when you put in the battery, you can solve the thing as below:

1.Remove the phone battery, memory card and SIM
2.Press and hold the power button for 60 seconds
3.Put your battery on and charging it with USB cable, after 10 minutes, try to turn on again.

lg g4 battery

Solution 3: Check Charging Port and Phone

Check the connectors and the phone if it is dirty or damaged. Since dirty or dust can spoil the sensor and stop the connection between phone and battery. If find the dirt, you can use a soft cotton swab to remove the dirt carefully.  If the charging port is broken, using a new one to replace it. Also to check if your LG G4 phone won’t turn on because of its overheating, damaged or swollen.

Solution 4: Damaged Panel

Well, damaged panel is also a essential reason for LG G4 not start up, to check, remember if your LG phone has been dropped, water affect or something else to cause broken damaged panel? If this is the reason, you can fix this by replacing the right part.

Solution 5: Boot LG G4 Phone into Recovery Mode & Wipe Cache Partition

Press and hold the Power key>turn off the LG G4>Press &hold the power key and Volume down key at the same time. When you get the LG logo, release the Power key, then press it again, during this time, the Volume down key is being pressed the whole time. The menu will show and you will use the Volume keys to highlight an option and the Power key to select it. 

1: Turn off  your LG G4 phone 
2: Press & hold the volume down and the power button at the same time until you can view “Android system recovery” screen on your screen. By default “start” button set on android phone.
3: Keep pressing the volume down button until see recovery mode
4: Press the power button to restart into recovery mode
You can see the screen of android robot with red triangle icon on phone.
5: Press volume buttons to scroll screen to find wipe cache partition, and use power button to choose it.
A message will show you on your G4 screen: Wipe cache partition? 
6: Confirm it by tapping volume buttons to scroll to locate Yes, then tap the power button to choose.
Will take you 5-10 minutes to clear the cache.
7: Scroll the screen to reboot system via volume buttons, also press the power button to select it.

lg device recovery mode

Solution 6: Boot into Safe Mode if LG G4 Wont Turn on

Safe mode will not permit the third party apps on your LG phone, because it determines which app may be causing the error. 

Steps to enter safe mode:
1: Press and hold the power button
2: Select & hold power off  to displayed “Restart in safe mode”
3: Choose “Turn on”, from reboot to safe mode immediate(will take about 1~2 mintues)
4: When LG device restarting, and safe mode arise in the lower left side corner on the interface.
g4 safe mode

Solution 7: Try a Hardware factory Reset to LG G4 Device

Note: Do the hardware factory reset will clear all data on your LG phone! Please backup your phone if you choose this solution. 

Please be carefully to choose this way because it result in data loss. You can use it only you have no other way out. If you have decide, let’s go on:
1. Powered off the G4 phone and press &hold the Volume Down button.
Note: To power the device off completely, remove the battery and reinsert it.
2. Still holding the Volume Down key, and press and hold the Power key as well.
3. Let go both keys when comes the Recovery mode screen.
4. Use Volume Down button to scroll to locate the highlight wipe data/factory reset.
5. With wipe data/factory reset highlighted, press the Power button.
6.  Use Volume Down key to locate Yes, and Power key to press.
7. Once the wipe is complete, press the Power key to select reboot system now.
8. The LG G4 device will restart. The master reset is now complete.

lg hard reset

Actually, if you are not want to solve this thing by your hand, you can ask the professional person for you. You can also turn to a Sprint service center and explain your start up issue for LG G4, since this is the common problem for this phone model, they will help you to solve it or give you a new phone.

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