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[Solved]Remove Lock Screen When Forgetting the Password

--Rachel Green Feb. 8, 2017

In order to protecting privacy on Smart phone, people prefer to setting pattern lock to it. But sometimes we ourselves might forget the password when long time no using. Keep reading to know three helpful and convenient methods to solve this issue.

Solution 1. Unlock with Google Account
Solution 2. Restore Android Data from Lock Screen
Solution 3. Reset Phone to Factory Settings

Solution 1. Use Google Account to Unlock

Note: This method requires you to have Google account set and signed up before your phone was locked and remember the password of the Google account. And the phone is well connected to the Internet for successfully unlock the screen pattern.

Step 1 Type whatever to unlock the screen and the system will show you that you have typed the wrong password for 5 times. Try again after 30 seconds.

Step 2 And now, the interface with "Forgotten the password" will pop-up to you, Input your Google account and the password to get the screen unlocked.  

sign in google account

Solution 2. Remove Lock Screen and Retrieve Android Data

If you worry about losing data after the phone get lock, you can try Android Data Recovery. This tool not only can help you unlock the screen, but also help you to recover the phone data if losing.

download win  download mac

Step 1 Start Android Data Recovery on Computer

After the download and installation to PC, launch the software and you will get the interface below. Go to "More Tools", then tap "Android Lock Screen Removal". 

start the program

Step 2 Connect Device to PC and Remove the Screen Lock
When you see the interface as below, tap "Start" and connect your phone to the computer by using USB cable. 

Notice: The program will ask your device to do USB debugging enabled and select "MTP" mode in advance. Just do as it asked. 

tap start

Before removing the password, you need to preview the agreement and then tap “Start” to move on. After that, your can have the screen unlocked successfully.

The software will ask you to preview the agreement before removing password. This software help you to remove android lock screen without losing data.

But If you worry about the data loss, you can turn to this tutorial: How to Recover data from Android?

connect to pc

Solution 3. Do Factory Settings to Your Phone

Step 1 Power off your phone and then press the "Power" button and "Volume +" in devices or tap "Power" button, "Volume +" and "Home" button in Samsung devices simultaneously and you will enter the Recovery Mode.
Step 2 Tap "wipe data/factory reset" and "wipe cache partition" to erase all the settings and data in the phone. Then, reboot the phone, the pattern lock will be removed. 
Note: This method is not recommend if you got something important which having not been backed up yet in the device, because all the data stored in the smartphone will be thoroughly deleted and can no longer be retrieved. 

factory reset

To sum up, solution 1, use Google account to unlock is fast and easy. But if you haven’t signed in Google account in the phone, they can only move to the second method, risking of losing all the data in the device, but one thing good, to use the phone again.Therefore, Back up your important files frequently is very important in case getting into trouble like forgetting lock screen pattern. 

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