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How to Unlock SIM Card on Samsung Galaxy?

--Rachel Green Feb. 15, 2017

How can you Unlock SIM Card on Galaxy? In order to unlock SIM card lock on Samsung Galaxy, asking your carrier for help is way. But it won’t always work out, especially when your contract with the carrier isn't up. So here we’d like to show you how to use Android Data Recovery to unlock sim card.

Here is a good way for you to unlock your galaxy phone in a few minutes: using SIM unlock feature on Android Data Recovery. The program is easy-to-use and will not affect any data on your device. Here is the specific steps.

You can have the free trail downloaded by clicking the icons

download win       download mac

Steps to Galaxy SIM Unlock via Android Data Recovery

Step 1. Connect Your Galaxy Phone to Computer
Step 2. Set up and Unlock Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Connect Your Galaxy Phone to Computer

After you have installed the program on your computer, open it and go to "More Tools > "Android SIM Unlock". Connect your galaxy phone to the computer via USB connection. If the phone is supported, click "Next".

connect galaxy to pc

Step 2. Set up and Unlock Galaxy Phone

You will then be leaded to the guideline page. Follow the guideline to input the codes on the call page of your Galaxy phone. After you have set up the phone, click "Unlock" button to start unlocking your Galaxy phone.

Step 3. Unlock SIM Lock on Samsung Smart Phone

It will take a while for the program to remove the SIM lock, so please wait patiently. After your galaxy phone have been successfully unlocked, it needs to be set back to normal mode. Click "Restore mode" to reset your phone according to the guide.

unlock sim lock

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