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How to Recover Data from Broken Phone with PC?

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It really drive phone users crazy when dropping the phone to the ground accidently, (Although you try your best to rescue) and find that the screen is cracked. Or your Android phone is dead because of other reasons, such as virus attack. If you are in this situation, the issue of retrieving data from broken phone is what we need to know. How can you restore all the important files like photos, messages, contacts, videos and more? In this post, we will show you.

Android Data Extraction is a professional tool, which allows you to recover all types of files from damaged Android devices like broken/dead/locked Samsung phone or Samsung with broken screen, etc. All existing and lost files on your device will be found by the program and you are able to access and retrieve them with ease. It supports multiple media files including images, songs, movies, text messages and more. 

Note: If you accidentally delete files on your Samsung device, try not to use device until the lost data are recovered. Otherwise you’re not able to get back the lost photos, videos, messages or whatever your lost once the new files overwrites them. 

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Selectively to click the icons below and download the free trail version:


How to Recover Lost Files from Samsung with Broken Screen Phone

Step 1 Connect Device to PC
Step 2 Select the File Type from Samsung Broken Screen Phone
Step 3 Choose A Phone Fault Type
Step 4 Get Samsung Phone into Download Mode
Step 5 Analyze, Scan and Preview Files Stored in Samsung Devic
Step 6 Restore Deleted Files from Samsung with Broken Screen

Step 1 Connect Device to PC 

Before you get started, download and install Samsung recovery tool to your PC. After that, launch it on PC and connect your device to computer. In the main interface, you will see seven options to choose. Just click on the "Android Data Extraction". 

retrieving data from broken phone

Note: Broken phone options is for those who Samsung device including Galaxy Note 8/4/3, Galaxy S3/S4/S5and more is stuck in black screen, or the screen is broken, or cannot enter the device system, etc. 

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Step 2 Select the File Type from Samsung Broken Screen Phone

You can select more than one type of files to recover from the damaged phone. You can select all of the categories provided or you can choose any kinds of file you like selectively. With Samsung phone recovery, you can recover sms messages, photos, videos and more files.
retrieving data from crack screen phone

Step 3 Choose A Phone Fault Type 
From the interface below, you can see two different types of broken phone. On the left is for "Touch cannot be used or cannot enter the system" while the right is for "Black/broken screen". You should choose the second mode if your Samsung screen is broken. After that, you will be asked to select the device model. Only some specific Samsung models are supported. 
retrieving files from broken android

Step 4 Get Samsung Phone into Download Mode 

Once you’ve confirmed your device model, you need to put it into Download mode for further steps. You can easily get into Download mode by following the steps display on the interface below. After you’ve done all three steps, hit the “Start” button. Then the program will start to perform the action within minutes.

retrieving from dead android cell phone

Step 5 Analyze, Scan and Preview Files Stored in Samsung Device 
It will take a few seconds for the program to analyze your device. Once done, it will take a deep scan of all files stored in the device including contacts, messages, call history, WhatsApp history, and videos and so on. You are able to preview them on the left panel by clicking on the categories one by one. 
scan phone data

Step 6 Restore Deleted Files from Samsung with Broken Screen 

After previewing the files you’d like to recover, make them down and then go to "Recover" to save them on your computer. 

preview message to broken phone

Regardless of how advanced the Samsung device is, once it is broken or locked it becomes nothing. So to prevent the data loss, you would be better to do Samsung backup regularly in case of any unexpected incidence. 

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How to Fix Scratched Phone Screen

If your phone screen just be scratched,we have some tips for you to fix it.But please note that the tips could carry a small risk of exacerbating the problem if you are careless during the process.

1. Rub toothpaste, turtle wax, oils or lotions into the scratched area using a soft cloth.

2. Use a screen protector, which can make the existing scratches less visible.

3. Just replace the entire screen.

4. Call the manufacturer of your smartphone for a solution.

No matter how shinning your phone is, once it is broken or locked, it will become useless to the functions. If you want to keep the data, you'd better to make backup of your phone from time to time.

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