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How to Recover Your Android Phone Call History

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Sometimes we need to check the call history on our phone to find the phone number which we haven’t set as a contact. If the call history deleted by accident, it will be not convenient for us. So to do the call history recovery it is very crucial. Here shows the easy way for you to restore your lost call history from Android device. The convenient tool is Call History Recovery Tool-Android Data Recovery.

Android Data Recovery is a powerful data recovering software for Android and call log recovery tool. You are allowed to Android recovery data like contacts, photos, messages, photos, etc.. Whatever situation you meet– screen crack, water damaged, and so on. What you need are just 4 simple steps.

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Why don’t you download Android Data Recovery on the computer and try to recover the call history on Android? Below free trial version for you to have a try.


The simple guide shows below for you to restore your data. Download and install Android Data Recovery on your computer and have a try.

Tutorial on Restoring Android Call Log

Step 1 Start Android Data Recovery on PC
Step 2 Enable USB Debugging of the Android Device
Step 3 Tap Allow to Scan Android Smart Phone for Deleted Files
Step 4 Preview and Recover Lost Call History
Step 5 Android backup to Protect the Files

Firstly, keep in mind not to handle your Android when you data lost occurs to your Android phone. Or your Android data will be gone and become untraceable. 

Step 1 Start Android Data Recovery on PC

When you have finished the downloaded and installed of Android Data Recovery on PC. Launch it. It will pop up the window as below asking you to use USB cable to connect your Android phone. Make sure that the connect is OK, so that the recovery won’t fail on the half way.

Step 2  Enable USB Debugging of the Android Device

Before the recovery progress, first you should enable the USB debugging. If you have finished this step before, and you can just ignore it and keep going to the next step. 
You are allowed to selectively choose the lost data to scan, such as "Call Logs".

galaxy s4

Step 3 Tap Allow to Scan Android Smart Phone for Deleted Files

Click “Allow” button on your phone to have your Android device scanned and it will show you the state of the scan progress.

galaxy s5

Step 4 Preview and Recover Lost Call History

All the data will be showed in the interface after scanning. Then mark what you want one by one. After choosing all you want, just click “Recover” to motivate the recovery. Few seconds later, you get what you want.

Step 5 Call History Backup to Protect the Files

Since the smartphone data are easily lost if you operate wrongly. So, doing backup of your Android device frequency is neccessary. Phone Transfer will help you to backup your data easily.
This is the end. The recovery software is convenient as you can see. So come and download one if needed. You can also try the free trial version first. If have any questions, please be free to contact us.

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