iCloud for Android: How to Get iCloud Photos on Android?

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Many people use iCloud to sync iPhone’s photos via “Photo Stream” feature. But its  limitations of the service cannot satisfied many people’s need. People turn to look for other platforms for storing the photos, such as Android device. So questions about how to transfer iCloud photos to Android are increasingly common.
To download iCloud pictures to Android, you can get the help of Phone Transfer. This user-considerate software allows you to get iCloud photos on Android  with 3 simple steps. Both the free trail version and full versionare are provided. You can download the free trail one and have a try first.

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Below icons for free download:

download win   download mac

Part 1. Steps to Sync iCloud Photos to Android

Step 1. Install and launch Software and Log in iCloud
Step 2: Download iCloud Backup Files
Step 3: Transfer photos to Android phone

Step 1. Install and launch Software and Log in iCloud

Start Phone Transfer, and click "Restore from Backups" , turn to "iCloud". Then input the iCloud account and password to log in.

log in iCloud
When you select Restore from Backups, photos produced by other mobile managers, like iTunes, Blackberry, Samsung Kies and so on. are supported.

Step 2: Download iCloud Backup Files

Connect your Android to PC by using USB cable. And choose the iCloud backup option. A pop up menu will appear with a task bar showing the progress of the download and wait for the download to complete.
download backup files

Step 3: Transfer photos to Android phone

After finishing downloading the backup files, check the menu labelled “Select Content to Restore”, mark the check box that corresponds to “Photos” and hit “Start Transfer”. Photos that you just backed up from iCloud will be automatically transferred to your Android device.
transfer photos to android

Now you can check whether the images have migrated to your Android or not. If so,you can view iCloud photos on android phone. By the way, Phone Transfer tool not only help you move photos from iCloud to Android, but also support other files like contacts,sms,video and more.You can also read this article to know more:  Transfer Contacts from iCloud to Android

download win   download mac

Part 2. Something You Should know about iCloud Photo Stream Service

1. 1000 photos’ limitation

The Photo Stream service only can store the up to date 1000 photos. That is, if you got 1500 pictures in the Camera Roll folder, just the last 1000 will be backup to the iCloud account. And the rest older 500 photos, you should use other way to backup, or you will lose them forever. What’s more, if your iCloud has already up to 1000 photos, but you still have photos to update, then the oldest ones on the iCloud will be deleted.

2. 5 GB storage

iCloud offers users with a maximum of 5GB as storage space. This space is shared between all iCloud data and not just photos. This means that the storage space can fill up very quickly. Users whose storage space is full and they haven‘t purchased more storage from Apple can find that their latest photos aren't being backed up.

3. 30 days’ duration

The photos which present on the iCloud photo Stream have 30 days’ duration. After 30 days, if you still want to the photos, you should go to do backup for them. Just like which we mentioned above.

4. Does not backup videos

The Photo Stream service can help you to backup photos, but remember that it can’t backup video for you. You should use other way to store it.

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