How to Move Photos to SD Card in Samsung Galaxy S3/S4?

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If you want to move photos to SD card in Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, then you have come to the right place. This post will show you step by step about how to transfer files from galaxy S3/S4 on 4.2 Android phone to SD card. You don’t need a computer to complete this. What you need are a SD card and a full charged Samsung S3/S4 phone.

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Ensure the SD Card Runs Properly

To move photos to SD card, It is necessary to check your memory card first. And make sure that your SD card is mounted and read properly. The most normal thing to check is removing and inserting a memory card again. If your memory card is well inserted, mounted, and working at good condition then you’re ready to proceed moving photos to SD card on Android.

How to Transfer Pictures to SD Card on Galaxy S3:

1. Open the My Files app
2. If your SD card well connected to your Samsung, you will see two folders. SDCard0 is the internal memory your phone. ExtSDCard is the Micro SD card that was placed in the back of the phone.
3. Choose SDCard0 and tap on it.
4. Find the DCIM folder and tap on.
5. Go to Camera folder. The pictures taken by camera will be stored in this folder.
6.Press the Menu button to choose Move.
7. Now, you can see the pictures have check boxes. Select each picture you want to move, if want all, just tap choose all.
8. After you have the photos selected, tap on Move again at the top corner of the screen.
9. You will be bring back to the two main folders. Tap on ExtSDCard.
10. You can now look for a folder to place pictures in.
11. Once you have the folder you want the pictures saved to selected, tap on Move Here at the top right corner. The pictures will now be moved

android move photos to sd card

Transfer Complete Folders from Android Phone to SD Card 

If you also need to transfer complete folders from phone memory to SD card, you can follow the steps as below:
Turn to folder you want to move and press and hold on it, copy and select Paste Here option at the location you want to move it.
 how to move photos to sd card

This is the way for you to move pictures from phone gallery or memory to SD card in Samsung Galaxy, other Android phone also apply. 

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