How to Transfer Files from Android to iPhone

By Alice Meng, Jan.9, 2017

What is the important and must to do thing when you get a new iPhone to replace the old Android phone? Yes, you have the right answer! It’s to transfer files from Android to iPhone. Since there are lots of files, like contacts, photos, videos and etc. on your old phone, it will waste much time if using the traditional method. So here comes the question, how can you transfer data from Android to iPhone easily and fast? No worry, we will recommend a time-saving and efficient way here, that is, getting the help of Phone Transfer software.
Phone Transfer, an outstanding program, allows you to transfer the files like contacts, pictures, call logs, videos, SMS and so on. Majority of hot phone brands which runs operating system like iOS, Android and Symbian are also supported. Easily and fast, only simple steps needed, will you have all the old Android phone files move to the new iPhone. Let’s keep moving and follow the steps below to learn about the tutorial.

Click the icons below and download Phone Transfer to start. You can try the free trial version first.

   download win        download mac

Example: Transfer from Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7

Step 1 Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 7 to PC
Step 2 Select Content to Copy
Step 3 Copy Data from Samsung to iPhone

Step 1 Connect Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 7 to PC

Enable USB debugging on Samsung Galaxy S6. And tap "trust" on iPhone 6. 
After you get the primary interface, please connect both your Android and iPhone to the computer via USB cables. 
phone trans home page

Step 2 Select Content to Copy

Select files types to migrate: Contacts, Text messages, Calendar, Call logs, Apps, Photos, Music, Videos.
phone data

We do not suggest transferring videos together with other files at one time since it will slow the progress.
By choosing "Clear data before copy", old data in your iPhone 7 will be replaced by the new ones. For example, if you want to transfer Android contacts to iPhone, you click "Clear data before copying", the contacts will be cleared.
Step 3  Copy Data from Samsung to iPhone
Click the "Start Copy" button in the list. Selected data will be transferred from the Source to the Destination.
copy data to iphone

That's it. Your selected contacts, text messages, call logs, calendar, photos, music, so forth and so on have cloned to the new iOS device. 

If you are intended to give away your old Android, to protect your data, data clear is necessary! Go back to the main interface and select "Erase Your Old Phone" on Phone Transfer. Then follow the prompt to wipe your Android.
Phone Transfer tool not only allows you to transfer Android data to iPhone, but also help you transfer iPhone data to Android. Just click the free trail version below and download the software to have a try.


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