How to Transfer SMS from Android Phone to Computer

Dec. 9, 2016

Do you have some important or special meaning SMS on your Android phone. Whether they include important notice such as business information, or just make you want to read it in the future. However, we all know that phone memory where for storing text messages are stored is limited. So it is necessary to transfer SMS from Android to PC. So that you can have a backup to your cherish files.

With Android Manager, you can check and remove your text messages to PC. Your SMS will be fully saved to your desktop, including sending/receiving time, names, and numbers. Getting bored of taping on tiny phone screen? What’s more, this manager device can even allow you to transfer contacts from Android to PC.

Download Android Manager and follow this post to know more.

download win version               download mac version

Next, let's begin to transfer text Messages from your Android to PC.

Step 1 Connect Android Device to computer
Step 2 Choose Backup Data
Step 3 Remove Android SMS to PC

Easy Guide to transfer Android SMS to PC

Step 1 Connect Android Device to computer

When you start Android Manager, you will be asked to connect your Android device to PC by using USB cable. Go ahead and do this so we can move on to the next step.

connect android to pc

Step 2 Choose Backup Data

After selecting the "SMS" content on the left navigation panel, a list of your text messages will show to you. You may choose your SMS and preview them. 

choose backup data

Step 3 Remove Android SMS to PC

Choose the one you need and tap the "Export" icon on the top of the screen. The exporting process will begin.

android sms to pc

This is the whole guide of transferring SMS from Android to PC. As the proverb goes, "Better safe than sorry." We will advice you to back up and transfer your Android SMS in the meantime for preventing the data lost from the situation of factory reset or format your phone. 

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