How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages between Android?

For a free messaging app, WhatsApp has become the most commonly used communication tools for people today. It available for Windows Phone, iPhone, Android Phone and other smartphones, we can use it to quickly send and receive a message online.

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However, with the development of electronic products, changing mobile phones is becoming much more frequently. Meanwhile, it is more common for a person to store personal and business contact information on their phone.

For a WhatsApp user, they may have thousands of chatting messages, photo, video, and audio attachments on their phone. But if you change your mobile phones oftentimes, then the most important thing you need to face is how to transfer your WhatsApp messages from your old phone to the new ones.

Extremely upset, right? Fortunately, we're here to assist. In this post, we will show you three useful ways about transferring WhatsApp messages between Android, just follow us to have a look now!

Method 1. Transferring message by email
Method 2. Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Google Drive
Method 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Phone Transfer

Method 1. Transferring message by email

Step 1. Go to "Setting".

Find “Settings” at WhatsApp from your old device, click “Chat settings”, then click “Email chat” from the showing list.

Step 2. Choose the WhatsApp history that you want to transfer. 

A window will pop out says that “Attaching Media will generate a larger email message”. Click “Without Media” or “Attach Media” according to your needs.

Step 3. Type your email number at the sending interface and click “Send”.

Step 4. Log in your email at your new device

You can view your WhatsApp messages at email from your new device. But you can’t sync WhatsApp messages to your WhatsApp application.

Method 2. Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Google Drive

Step 1. Backup WhatsApp messages on your old device to Google Drive

Go to WhatsApp > Settings > Chats > Chat backup > Back Up.

Step2. Transfer Backup to Your New Android Phone

Install WhatsApp on your new phone, once validating your telephone number, you may be prompted to revive chats and media from Google Drive. Once the restoration method is complete, all of your messages ought to have appeared on your new Android phone.

Method 3. Transfer WhatsApp Messages via Phone Transfer

If you think above method is not much convenient for you, here you can see another tool which also allow you to transfer WhatsApp between two Android phone.

An awesome transfer tool, Phone Transfer is designed for us to transfer apps, contacts, media and text messages WhatsApp, WhatsApp history in only one click. Here is the fully detailed tutorial about how to transfer WhatsApp data between two Android phone.

Step 1. Launch Phone Transfer on Computer

Download and install Phone Transfer on computer, and launch it. If you are using the free trial version, then click on "Free Trial" option from the pop-up window. Then you will see and interface as below:

Step 2. Connect two Android phones to the computer

After choosing "Phone to Phone Transfer", connect your both the phone to PC. Now you will see both the phone on the "Homepage" window.

Step 3. Select App Data

Select "App" and "App Data", and a message saying "Transferring app data requires…" will show up asking you to confirm the action to root your device.

Select "To transfer app data…" > "Confirm" > "Start Transfer" to continue. Do not select the "Clear data before copy" option during the process.

When the program is in the middle of transferring app data, a notice will pop up and ask you to authorize again to let the Phone Transfer to root your device. Click "OK" to move on.

Step 4. Transfer App Data between Androids

After that, the program will automatically transfer all apps and app data from one Android phone to another. When it is completed successfully, you will see the message saying "You have copied the data completely!", and then tap on "OK" to end the process.

Is it easier than email transfer and google driver transfer? If yes, you may free download the free version to have a try now, for more detailed information, you can refer on

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