LG Bypass Tool Download 2017: How to Unlock LG Phone Screen Successfully?

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Forgetting the password for LG devices may be embarrassing and have to consider using the LG bypass tool. While for any reason you will not be able to access your device, it will take time to study and find out how to start again or pay someone for you to handle. This article provides two useful methods that are easy to use and can bypass the LG lock screen in minutes. There is no reason not to know how to finish the job! We will provide the LG bypass tool download and hope that your LG locked screen issue will be solved after reading this post.

Part 1: Unlock LG Phone with Samsung Bypass Google Verify.apk
Part 2: Use Wonderful LG Bypass Tool-Android Lock Screen Removal

Part 1: Unlock LG Phone with Samsung Bypass Google Verify.apk

To bypass your LG phone lock, you can also try Samsung Bypass Google Verify.apk. Although this way was designed to bypass the Factory Reset Protection for Samsung devices at the beginning, it can also be applied to other Android phones because of its simple and reliable usage.

Before starting the unlock process, you need to prepare a stander OTG cable. Considering your LG phone is locked, and you are unable to just copy-paste the content from your PC to your device and use it with a single tap. So we we would be transferring all the needed content to a flash drive (connected to your phone) and running the application from it.

After preparing well the OTG cable and a flash drive, it is time to use this bypass LG phone tool. Guided with the steps as below and you will know how to Unlock LG phone screen lock.

1.Firstly, go to download the Samsung Bypass Google Verify.apk file from here.

2.Once file is downloaded, extract it successfully on your system. Connect your flash drive to your PC and copy the content of this file to your flash drive. You’d better to place it in the root directory of the device, so that it would be easier for you to navigate.

3.Use the OTG cable and connect it to your flash drive. Plug your LG phone that needs to be unlocked to one end of the cable and your flash drive to its other end.

4. Once your LG phone recognizes the drive, it will display its root directory. You can find the most recently copied APK file there. And you can run this LG bypass tool with a single click.
LG bypass software

5. You may receive a pop-up message about the side load of the application. To move past, click "Settings" and select "Unknown Source" from the options. This will start the installation of the application.

6. Wait for a while for the bypass process. After finishing, click the "Open" option to access the "Settings" menu. From here you can perform various operations. Go to the “Backup and Reset” options and perform a factory reset of your smartphone for full control.
unlock lg phone
Great! You can now use this LG unlock tool to bypass device authentication. Simply unplug the device from the cable and use it freely.

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Part 2: Use Wonderful LG Bypass Tool-Android Lock Screen Removal

If you are searching a method to unlock your LG phone simply, safely and without losing data. Then this Android Lock Screen Removal is your best choice. Just with a few simple steps and several minutes, you can have your locked LG unlock. From below, you can even do the LG bypass tool download first for the free trail version, and see how useful this tool is.

Steps to Enter LG Phone with Android Lock Screen Removal 

Step 1. Head to RenewAndroid, download and install dr.fone toolkit to your PC. Launch it, on the interface, choose Lock Screen Removal to carry on.
lg unlock screen tool
Step 2. With the USB cable, connect your LG phone to the computer, then click on Start on the Window.
lg bypass tool 2017

Step 3. Time to tell the software your phone model information, you can select the correct info. for your LG phone from this program. Currently dr.fone toolkit supports to bypass lock screen on most of Samsung and LG devices.
lg bypass screen lock

Step 4. In this step, you need to let the LG phone enter into Download Mode. Just follow the guides on the program.

Disconnect your LG phone and power it off.
Press the Power Up button. While you are holding the Power Up button, plug in the USB cable.
Keep pressing the Power Up button until the Download Mode appears.
enter download mode lg

Step 5. After the phone boot in download mode successfully, the program will match the phone model automatically. Then just click on Remove on the program and the screen lock on your phone will be removed.

Android Lock Screen Removal

LG Bypass Tool Download

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